Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Singapore
17 Oct 2019

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PosNameGenderAge CategoryTeam NameCompanyTimeCityYear
1Ashley MilesMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie4:53.0Singapore2019
2Vincent CasanovaMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank4:55.0Singapore2019
3Matthew MooneyMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie4:58.0Singapore2019
4YONG ZHI TANMaleMarina Bay Sands 1 Marina Bay Sands 4:58.0Singapore2019
5Wei Bin TanMaleGoldman Sachs Goldman Sachs4:59.0Singapore2019
6Jeremy SngMaleAllen & Overy Llp 1 Allen & Overy LLP5:00.0Singapore2019
7Jerome BesnaudMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:02.0Singapore2019
8Ashley MilesMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:04.0Singapore2019
9Matthew MooneyMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:05.0Singapore2019
10Mohammed RahimMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:08.0Singapore2019
11Karan BhatiaMaleTaurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd5:08.0Singapore2019
12YONG ZHI TANMaleMarina Bay Sands 1 Marina Bay Sands 5:09.0Singapore2019
13Gonzalo Garcia VillanuevaMale7BB Bloomberg5:11.0Singapore2019
14Sam McGrathMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:12.0Singapore2019
15Leng Cher KuahMaleGic Pte Ltd 1 Gic Pte Ltd5:17.0Singapore2019
16Scott PerryMaleScotiabank Scotiabank5:18.0Singapore2019
17Rosie MarstonFemaleAllen & Overy Llp 2 Allen & Overy LLP5:18.0Singapore2019
18Nikolai JenkinsMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:23.0Singapore2019
19Marc WestgateMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:24.0Singapore2019
20Mark ChanMaleWorldquant (Singapore) Pte Ltd 1 Worldquant (Singapore) Pte Ltd5:25.0Singapore2019
21Cameron BrooksMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:26.0Singapore2019
22Aditya BhatiaMaleTaurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd5:26.0Singapore2019
23Andrew GregoryMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:27.0Singapore2019
24Neil RobinsonMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:28.0Singapore2019
25Lloyd FrancisMaleHereformorebeer Bloomberg5:28.0Singapore2019
26Choong Luen LienMaleBusiness China 1 Business China5:29.0Singapore2019
27Guillaume LannesMaleCredit Agricole Cib 1 Credit Agricole CIB5:30.0Singapore2019
28Aditya BhatiaMaleTaurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd5:31.0Singapore2019
29Manfrad LowMaleMarina Bay Sands 1 Marina Bay Sands 5:31.0Singapore2019
30Matthew BrownMaleClifford Chance Llp Clifford Chance LLP 5:32.0Singapore2019
31Ryan LiMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:32.0Singapore2019
32Brandon YowMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:34.0Singapore2019
33Daniel OngMaleAmbition Group Ambition Group5:35.0Singapore2019
34simon HenryMaleWellington Management Company 1 Wellington Management Company 5:35.0Singapore2019
35Rob PalmerMaleAshurst Llp Ashurst LLP5:36.0Singapore2019
36Deric LauMaleIng 1 ING5:36.0Singapore2019
37Thomas RobertMaleCredit Agricole Cib 1 Credit Agricole CIB5:36.0Singapore2019
38Simon Gregory-RobertsMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:36.0Singapore2019
39Nick LatimerMaleStandard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank5:36.0Singapore2019
40Remi VaudauxMaleBalyasny Asset Management BALYASNY ASSET MANAGEMENT5:37.0Singapore2019
41Fin MacraeMaleSchiavello Singapore Pte Ltd Schiavello Singapore Pte Ltd5:37.0Singapore2019
42Zhao YongjinMaleTradition Tradition5:38.0Singapore2019
43Wilhelm MohnMaleNorges Bank Investment Management 1 Norges Bank Investment Management5:38.0Singapore2019
44Tobias Edward VernonMaleX-Press Feeders Sea Consortium Pte Ltd5:39.0Singapore2019
45Nathan BryerMaleWhite & Case Pte Ltd White & Case Pte Ltd5:39.0Singapore2019
46Rohan WestcottMaleMacquarie 1 Macquarie5:41.0Singapore2019
47James LaiMaleKgi Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Kgi Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.5:41.0Singapore2019
48Alvin LowMaleTemasek International Pte Ltd Temasek International Pte Ltd5:41.0Singapore2019
49Guillaume PosticMaleNorges Bank Investment Management 1 Norges Bank Investment Management5:42.0Singapore2019
50Han Lin YeoMaleGic Pte Ltd 1 Gic Pte Ltd5:42.0Singapore2019
Page 1 of 30 (1480 items)